Rob L. of Black Drop




What is music to you? What does it give you? Music is tells life’s narrative. It’s a form of expression that is much more than entertainment. It moves hearts and minds and propels action. It’s thought provoking and influences all layers of our lives. It can be both a healthy and destructive force. Music is powerful! Music is diverse. It moves my spirit and impacts my mood in many ways. It’s a communication channel that transcends ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic boundaries. EVERYONE can relate to music. 
What is your music dream? My music dream is for my group (Black Drop) to be recognized as one of the best authentic hip hop groups the genre has ever known.

If you could change the
world – what would you start with?
I’d ensure that every human being in the world had their basic needs met – housing, food, and clothing and was able to live in an environment that provided opportunities to “live their best lives” free from oppression. 

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood? Wow! I have far too many to name. The one song that made me forever fall in love with hip hop was Run DMC’s “It’s Like That.”

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands? Again, far too many to name. My musical taste ranges from Soul/R&B to Hip Hop to Adult Contemporary to Classic Rock. Some artists include: Mint Condition, KRS One, The D.O.C., Earth Wind and Fire, Steely Dan … the list goes on and on.

What inspires you to make music? I LOVE music. It moves my spirit. I’m intrigued by the creativity of artists. I’m great at making hip hop and expressing myself through the art. I love to influence people through my music. I call my music “soul stirring” hip hop. 


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