Rodne’ Jay

Rodne’ Jay combines the talents of a choreographer, songwriter, composer and singer into one incredible package. Rodne’Jay was born in a small town in East Texas, and before he could walk, he loved music and music seemed to love him. An innate ability to sing and embody the music and its meaning came naturally. People noticed that it was in the choir stand or a school program where, Rodne’Jay, then known by loved ones as Rodney Johnson, commanded attention. For him, it wasn’t until he moved to Dallas, Texas did he became fully engulfed in music.

High school in the “big city” afforded him many opportunities. Some of his musical accomplishments included competing at the National level in the NAACP ACT-SO competition in both 2004 (in Philadelphia) & 2005 (in Milwaukee). It was in the 2005 competition that he stole the show with his rendition of legendary crooner Sam Cooke’s “A Change Gone Come”. It was this performance that leads the notable attendees to bestow upon him the incredible honor of performing during the opening ceremony of the 2005 NAACP National Convention.

After graduating high school he was faced with what, to him, seemed like a very difficult choice of choosing between his love of dance, in which he had been traditionally trained or his love of singing, which was a gift from God, for he had an incredibly strong background in both. He came to the conclusion that his strong fervor for “making” music beat out his love of “moving” to it. During the earlier years of his career, he became captivated with the writing and production side of the industry. This fascination soon enticed him into becoming a “ghost writer” at the age of 19.



 Peers in the industry couldn’t believe the kind of emotion that this “kid” could evoke with just a pen, a simple beat, and a melody. When asked, he quaintly stated,​ “I wrote for others because I had so many stories to tell that I couldn’t sing them all myself“.

In 2008, during President Barack Obama’s run for Presidency, honor again was bestowed onto him when he was asked to sing “A Change is Gone Come” at some of the future President of the United

States election rallies. It was during these performances that many branded him with the nickname “Lil’ Sam”. In 2009, after much peer pressure and soul searching, Rodne’Jay decided to step out from behind the pen and back into the spotlight. His debut marked the pinnacle of the appreciation and profound effect his voice had on others. After his final song…not a dry eye remained in a room full of supporters, spectators and fans. He then awakened to the fact that this was his calling. With the melodious, soulful sound of his voice, he could stir even the deepest of emotions in listeners.
It wasn’t until 2011, did he find his own identity in his music. He soon homed in on a trademark sound for himself by fusing Pop & Soul. In 2012 he went on tour opening up for Grammy Award winning recording artist Monica. In 2013 he was a contestant on the X-Factor USA.


 In 2014 his stock in songwritting was greatly raised placing several songs with signed artist. Making his songwritting in high demand amongst several Major Artist. The journey for Rodne’Jay has just begun and with great anticipation and excitement he continues this voyage, and asks you to take this journey with him…


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